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            Dedicated for better drug products

            A publicly-traded pharmaceuticals company

            FDA & EU certified modern facilities

            Engaged in R&D, manufacturing and marketing

            Welcome to Shuangcheng Pharma

            Founded in 2000, Hainan Shuangcheng Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd (HNSP) is a publicly-traded company and engaged in development, manufacturing and marketing of both APIs and drug products. Having excellent know-how in peptide chemistry, HNSP is a leader in the field of peptide manufacture, with U.S.FDA and AIFA approved products on market. We supply peptide APIs and drug products, and also provide CDMO services.
            The company is headquartered near Haikou airport on Hainan Island, China with R&D and manufacturing facilities at the Haikou site, and has building new facilities in Ningbo, about 1.5 hours’ drive from Shanghai’s Pudong Airport (PVG). HNSP also has a subsidiary company in Italy.
            HNSP is rapidly expanding in China and elsewhere around the world, and is presently seeking collaborations and partnerships with pharmaceutical companies in the U.S., Europe and other regions.
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